About Who Dis?

Alright, some folks wanna know about WhoDis?, So we are gonna tell you.

Way back in them ol' days we had all these calls coming in and no idea who they were. So folks started Googling the numbers and getting all these sites saying "yeah, we will tell you who dem be". Truth be told, they was about worthless. They was just ad sites pushing you off to companies to pay for the info.

We got tired of that bull, and decided to program us a site, and give the info out for free. Yeah, yeah, we have some ads too, but not nearly as many.. Gotta make a living right?

Anywho, our site is meant to be free. We gon give out all the info we can and tell you who be calling. We also gon give y'all the right to edit that there data, and add to it. You know, make it better, not worse.

Now we know some y'all don't want your info out in the public, and we wanna help you out, but information is meant to be free. If you want some privacy, you gon have to pay for it.

But, y'all be helping those telemarketers get all our info...

Not just us, there are some other places that give out that info, but we are working on ways of hiding info from dem, cause we just don't like dem either.

Man, why we gotta pay to remove our stuff from your site?

Look, we make money off your info, it's not like it isn't already in public databases. If we just remove it, we gon lose money, cause we gon have less info. More info = mo' money. Just give us a few bucks, we gon git rid of it for you.


On a real note, we hope you enjoy the site while getting the real info you deserve.

- Admin